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Why us?



We will only work with you if we know we can generate you a real return on investment.


No Lock-In

We are confident you will be happy with our services. That’s why we have a NO lock-in contract policy.


Dedicated Point Of Contact

We have a dedicated account manager for each of our clients who will keep you informed with your marketing campaign.


17 million Aussies are Logging on to Facebook Every Single Month!

There’s a huge number of people already itching and ready to buy your product or service.

But what’s currently holding them back…

They don’t know who you are!


Are You Gambling With Your Future?

The bottom line is: Times are Changing.

Facebook isn’t just for pictures of children and funny memes anymore. It’s the most powerful tool available for rapidly growing your business by connecting to your ideal clients.

If your business isn’t evolving with technology you’re at a significant disadvantage from your competition.

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Our Scientific Process.

We never leave our marketing to guesswork. Our market research process allows us to actually understand your niche’s problem and how to effectively sell them your solution. We don’t try to create desire, only stimulate your dream customers already latent desire for your solution.

Once this is completed, we create scientific ad experiments on Facebook. This allows the market to show us which ads works best, providing the highest return on investment.

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Top Marketers Most Closely Guarded Secret.

We’ve uncovered a well-kept secret from both our own testing and researching the marketing greats: long-form text ads nearly always outperforms short ads.

This goes contrary to popular opinion, yet we have observed in nearly every case that providing the reader with more information is more likely to hook them in.

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Creating Insane
Facebook Ads.

The philosophy behind our advertising is providing useful information to your potential buyer in the form of an article. This article commands the reader’s attention by stimulating their suppressed desire. 

The high-quality information we provide educates the reader about their current situation and brings their awareness to their pain points, allowing them to make a more informed decision on whether the solution you’re offering will improve their lives.

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Our Insane Process.


Market Research.

Using our market research system we’ll learn everything there is to know about your dream customer, allowing us to tailor the campaign specifically to what they want to see.


Funnel Integration.

We’ll integrate your current sales funnel with the Facebook campaign so that your entire sales process from initial prospect to the closed client will be completely seamless.



Our design team is made up of copywriters, expert video producers and graphic designers. We focus on creating ads that sell, not ads that look pretty.

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We’ll use the market research to create experiments with variation testing every aspect of marketing for your industry.


Data Analysis.

We’ll review the findings from the experimentation phase and draw conclusions from the results. This is a continual process throughout the campaign.


Targeting Optimisation.

We’ll use the synthesised results to tweak and improve the ads targeting system so only those most likely to fall in love with what you’re offering will see your ads.

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Ad Optimisation.

We’ll also use the synthesised results to tweak and improve the ads we created so that only the most effective style of ads are being used to attract potential customers.


Campaign Review.

Every month we measure and review the progress of the campaign against key performance indicators. We use this information to make sure that the overall campaign strategy is as effective as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions.


Why is Facebook Advertising Important?

With each month you continue leaving your lead generation up to chance you are running the risk of driving your business into the ground. We have come to a point in time where using technology effectively is necessary for the success and growth of every business.

Never before in human history have businesses had this much access to information about their marketing campaigns. Businesses that choose to ignore this amazing resource will not be around in the next decade.


Is Facebook Marketing Expensive?

When social media marketing is done right, it will reduce your business spending on marketing because of the amount of data we are able to use to our advantage.

By creating ad experiments with variation, you can scientifically determine the most profitable marketing strategy for your niche. Marketing used to be a risky endeavour, as it was unclear exactly how much your money was creating a return on investment. Facebook marketing provides us with exact statistics so we know exactly how much each new client is costing you down to the cent.


How Will Facebook Advertising Improve my Business?

Not only does Facebook marketing allow you to get you more leads at a better price, but you are able to target higher-quality customers. You don’t want to just bring you any person to your site, you only want to target your dream clients. These customers are better to work with, spend more money and spread your business to their friends and family.

When combining deep market research with Facebook’s algorithm you have struck gold. Facebook’s algorithm will help find your dream clients if you set the initial targeting conditions up correctly. Many business owners think they know better than Facebook and set very specific targeting conditions based on who they think their customers are. They then conclude Facebook ads don’t work when no one clicks on their ads and they waste stacks of money.